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50 questions to Andrii Diachkov

Vitalii Latysh 2019-08-01 21:54 • 85 views
1. How did you come to volleyball and decide to stay?
2. Do you have "your room" and does the T-shirt number mean anything to you?
3. How was your first transfer to Italy? What influenced your desire to play abroad?
4. Which of the coaches you worked with abroad remembered you the most?
5. Many volleyball players are distracted by computer games. Do they occupy a part of your life?
6. Do you have any friends from school?
7. What qualities should you possess to be your friend?
8. How much did you first taste alcohol?
9. The coolest party you've ever attended?
10. What would you like to attend a concert by a performer, band or DJ?
11. What is your performance for the Ukrainian national team?
12. Break the rules or follow them?
13. What qualities hinder you in life?
14. You have a tattoo on your arm in honor of Patrick's son. Why did my wife choose that name?
15. Who reads to your son tales for the night? And what is your favorite?
16. Which of the volleyball matches you watched or attended most remembered you?
17. What rule of the game would you remove or add to volleyball?
18. Android or apple?
19. Who do you associate yourself with from comic book heroes. And why?
20. Active or passive leisure?
21. What kind of sport do you like other than volleyball? What kind of sports team do you prefer?
22. Tea or coffee?
23. In which championship did you enjoy playing more than anything?
24. What was the most significant victory for you?
25. Who among the volleyball players, who pisses you off, would you like to enter the ring 1 on 1?
26. What qualities do you value in yourself?
27. Favorite movie?
28. Your wife runs a culinary blog. And you can cook an fried egg?
29. Favorite subject at school?
30. What is your most memorable childhood memory?
31. Who would you like to take a selfie with?
32. A metropolis or a small quiet quiet city?
33. What about the French Championship?
34. Do you give gifts or money?
35. What is your favorite song?
36. Are there any actions in your life that you are ashamed of?
37. Many are now discussing doping. Pure "big sport" is there or not?
38. If you were given the opportunity to gather a dream team, who would be there besides you?
39. Is there a standard ringtone or song on your phone? If the song, what?
40. 3 main life advice from you?
41. Italian pizza or Japanese sushi?
42. Emotional play on the court or calm and balanced?
43. Leon or Huantorena? Why?
44. A book that anyone is obliged to read in your opinion?
45. If it were possible, as in a computer game to add to itself one talent. What would be the talent?
46. ​​Which country or city have you been most impressed by?
47. You are the president of the volleyball federation. 3 your first decisions?
48. Who do you think will become the Champion of Ukraine this season?
49. Who are you at 45? Who are you?
50. How many times have you interviewed for this interview?
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