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95000 fans at volleyball match

2010-02-16 10:00
Look on attendance record beaten on Maracana (one of the most capacious stadiums in the world - there was over 200 thousands people on football match Brazil - Uruguay). On volleyball match Brazil - USSR was over 95 thousands fans! That match was revenge for last year's World Cup final between that teams. USSR won then 3:0 (15:3, 15:4, 15:5). Brazilians and Soviets did everything possible for the event take place that day because it was raining a lot, so they placed some carperts on the court and played without sneakers, wearing only socks. There is composition of the Soviet team: Vladimir Dorokhov, Sergey Gribov, Viljar Loor, Valeri Losev, Oleg Moliboga, Yury Panchenko, Aleksandr Savin, Pavel Selivanov, Vladimir Shkurikhin, Oleg Smugilev, Aleksandr Sorokolet, Vyacheslav Zaytsev. Brazil roster: Bernardinho, Montanaro, Rui, Renan, William, Amauri, Xandó, Domingos Maracanã, Leo, Bernard, Cacau, Fernandão.
Date: 26.07.1983
Place: "Estádio do Maracanã", Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
Match: Brazil - USSR 3:1
Audience: 95887 fans
Kind of tournament: Friendly match
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lukasso21 PL 9 years ago
@RenanZ:I would say it's possible in Brazil.You have at least 10.000+ fans for all games in World League.Does any national team in basketball, handball or ice hockey has so big attendance?!No!

BTW.There is a quite big possibility that the final match of Volleyball World Championship 2014 in Poland will be held at football stadium with retractable roof in Warsaw because they are not going to build an indoor arena.
RenanZ BR 9 years ago
Too bad that kind of event won't happen again. First because the Maracana stadium doesn't support anymore that crowd, and second because in Brazil, unfortunately, the volleyball are not able to "compete" with the football (soccer)
Roninho PL 9 years ago
hoho,robi wrażenie,zdumiewające jest to że to friendly match!
InivaridU PL 9 years ago
Sory za słowa, ale inaczej nie mogę tego podsumować...



lukasso21 Warszawa, Poland