Andrea Burattini | First Tempo | Episode 26

Volleyball Explained 2020-11-30 • 453 views

🏐 Andrea Burattini was among the main factors that turned the average team of Trentino Volley into a really dominant power not only in Italian, but also in world volleyball. He has worked for 10 years in the youth academy of the team, up-building players like Simone Giannelli and Pippo Lanza. Today he is a coach in the youth academy of the Bulgarian Levski Sofia. We discussed the following topics:
✅ Simone Giannelli - spiker or setter?
✅ How to manage a youth volleyball academy? 
✅ Determining the positions of young players;
✅ "You can be a good spiker, but better be a great libero."
✅ How do you handle the negative emotions of young players?
✅ Taking over the youth academy of Levski Sofia and the Bulgarian youth talent;
Enjoy the podcast! 🔥 😍 
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