Andrey Ashchev 3rd meter spike

przemek16 2014-09-24 • 2310 views
Powerful spike presented by Russian middle-blocker: Andrey Ashchev. That was game between Russia and Mexico. His team was a favorite of that match, but Mexico have presented dynamic style of play and won the first set. Russia was better and won whole game 3:1. Andrey Ashchev played for the Russian national team
at the junior and youth level. In the junior team won the title of MVP of the
tournament, was voted the best blocker on the Youth World Cup. He left revelation of previous season of Russian Superliga: Dynamo Krasnodar. Before World League 2014, he signed a contract with Zenit Kazan.

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Player: Andrey Ashchev
Date: 05.09.2014
Place: "Ergo Arena" Hall, Gdańsk/Sopot (POL)
Match: Russia - Mexico 3:1 (Group C)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2014


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