Argentina - Puerto Rico (SET5)

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Tie-break between Argentina and Puerto Rico in World Championships 2006. MVP of the match was Hector Soto. Spiker of Puerto Rico national team scored 38 points! He had 58% of efficiency in attack - 36/62. His team won 3:2 and it was the first victory after a 32-year absence in World Championships... See in action the volleyball players such as: Jose Rivera, Hector Soto, Victor Rivera, Marcos Milinković and Luciano De Cecco, which was 18-years old setter of Argentina NT. Buy Volleybox gadgetsBuy Volleybox gadgets
Date: 17.11.2006
Place: "Saitama Super Arena", Saitama (JPN)
Match: Argentina - Puerto Rico 2:3 (Group A)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2006
Commentary: Spanish


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