Best actions in Champions League 2013/14 Final Four

2014-03-29 07:10
Only best actions by players like: Grozer, Muserskiy, Tetyukhin, Juantorena, Kaziyski, Mikhaylov, Grbić, Anderson, Łasko, Kubiak, Masny and many others. Final tournament was played at the world class level, and the winner was Belogorie Belgorod. Gennady Shipulin's team won their third crown in the Champions League. This way Belogorie also got the right to represent Europe at the 2014 FIVB Club World Championship which is due to take place through May 6-11 in Betim. The best player of the tournament was clearly Sergey Tetyukhin. "I am really grateful to my team. I continued my career because of Champions league. This is my fourth and it is unique", said Tetyukhin.
Date: 22-23.03.2014
Place (Finals): "TVF SC Baskent Sports Hall", Ankara (AZE)
Kind of tournament: European Champions League 2013/14 Final Four
Final Classification:
1. Belogorie Belgorod
2. Halkbank Ankara
3. Jastrzębski Węgiel
4. Belogorie Belgorod
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soidensir3 VN 3 years ago
eRKa PL 4 years ago
man, keep doing your job. u are the best in it
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago
4:02 smart play by Matey
bitka PL 4 years ago
thanks for leaving original voice - that was really good decision
hanes233 EE 4 years ago
Great movie, Champions league was very exciting this year, alot of great plays
zver PL 4 years ago
Great tournament and great video


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