Best players of Champions League 2014/15 4th week

2014-12-20 18:01
Movie showing real stars from the fourth round of the Champions League. Guillermo Hernan lead French team to win against Fenerbahce Istanbul. Paris Volley finally claimed their first victory in Group E. Belogorie Belgorod won with Lube Banca Macerata 3:0 (25:22, 25:22, 25:19). Georg Grozer won that game for Belogorie Belgorod. Especially his achievement in attack is impressive (he finished 13 of 20 spikes). Sample of the posibilities of Nemanja Jakovljevic from Dragons Lugano. Also Marko Bojić showed that he's very comprehensive player. The best middle-blockers were Resul Tekseli and Piotr Nowakowski. At the end, we see amazing work in the defence by Stijn Dejonckheere.


Guillermo Hernan   (Paris Volley)
Georg Grozer   (Belogorie Belgorod)
Nemanja Jakovljevic   (Dragons Lugano)
Marko Bojić  (Paris Volley)
Resul Tekseli   (Halkbank Ankara)
Piotr Nowakowski   (Resovia Rzeszów)
Stijn Dejonckheere   (Knack Roeselare)
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ResoviaMaster Rzeszow, Poland

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