China - Russia (Boys U19 World Championships 2013)

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Full final match of World Championship boys under the age of 19. Sborna outclassed a surprisingly well-prepared Chinese squad on Sunday evening in Tijuana, Mexico. The new European champions of Russia were undoubtedly the biggest favourite in Mexico. Their team represents a mixture of talents, who are soon to among the world's senior elite. Pavel Pankov (7 aces in final match), one of the highest scoring setters and best servers in his age, grew up in a famous volleyball family, with both his parents and elder sister being involved in the game. Ilia Vlasov won the Best Blocker award at the European Champ, whereas the MVP and Russia's captain, Victor Poletaev scored 25 points in that match! Tang Chuanhang was the best scorer of China with 18 points while Xia Runtao had 15 points. It is the third gold medal for Russia in the history of the age-group, having won also in 1999 in Riyad, Saudi Arabia and in 2005 in Aljiers and Oran, Algeria. They also claimed silver medals as the former Soviet Union in 1989 and 1991 and a bronze in 2001.

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7 years ago
I was there, great game, and biger players

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