Cui Jianjun great dig (China - Cuba)

2014-06-29 12:42
Great work in the defence by Cui Jianjun in match between China and Cuba of the World League 2014. He made it look easy to keep that ball alive. Cuba ultimately won the point. Look at amazing powerful spike by Cuban Rolando Cepeda. Cuba won in the tie-break. This is the seventh victory for Cubans against the Asian side in 10 matches. Now Cuba qualified to the final of the 4 nation tournament to play the final on Sunday against Turkey, while China plays losers for the third position.

Player: Jianjun Cui
Date: 28.06.2014
Place: "TVF Cengiz Göllü Volleyball" Hall, Bursa (TUR)
Match: China - Cuba 2:3 (Semi-final, Group 3)
Kind of tournament: World League 2014 Intercontinental round
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