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[19 Sept]

The final four of the European Championship, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Italy battle it out yesterday in Katowice.

Slovenia for the fourth time in a row beat Poland in European Championships. Previously, Poland has been bea... Mehr anzeigen

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[14 Sept]

Czech Republic once against pull of an important win against one of the best European teams in the tournament France to succeed into the next round of the European championship where they will face Slovenia again, which they... Mehr anzeigen

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[5 Sept]

Eurvolley men's game is bubbling as we have a few five set matches on the fourth match day of the game. In Pool A, we have the battle of the Poland Serbia match, where Poland won in the fifth set in overtime. In Pool C, we ha... Mehr anzeigen

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VNL men roster announced.

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the Eur... Mehr anzeigen

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