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Ranking 12005
Nationality Nigeria
Position Outside Hitter
Birthdate 1990-06-10
Height 300cm
Weight 87kg
Spike 480cm
Block 470cm
Dominant hand Right
Views 496
Last login date 3 hours ago
Added by Famave Terseer






English Limited working proficiency


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Ronan Caroff, everybody is entitle to his or her opinion, I guess that is your own opinion. I have not gone against the law. What makes you think your own profile picture is not offensive. It is a free world my friend, always be happy and not to be offended by things that don't count.

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I was thinking of playing Nigeria volleyball league this year, but I have change of heart, due to the disappoint I got from the Nigeria sport festival this January. I need a club asp. Can't imagine myself not playing this year.

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Am looking for a volleyball club in any of this countries that can sign me up, UK,USA, KUWAIT, and ITALLY. The good news am also a professional cyclists too. 

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Hi am new 

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