2018: Year in review on Volleyball-Movies.net

2018: Year in review on Volleyball-Movies.net

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According to custom we want to present you review of the 2018 year in the Volleyball-Movies.net.

This year brought many new improvements on the website. There are still many new changes and ideas to implement. We are open to your suggestions, so if you see opportunities on the website, you can write about them in the comments to this article, or directly to us (mail or private message).

The impossible happened, for the first time ever number of women player profiles exceeded the number of men players on the site. This is mainly due to users: @Fran (3866 added profiles in 2018), @airton13 (1288 added profiles), @marciovolley (683 profiles added), @aptf (211 profiles added). Most of the profiles were added on the Women Volleyball Movies. Congratulations!

Some of new features on Volleyball-Movies.net added in 2018

  • New layout
  • UI improvements (new checkboxes, buttons animations, new appearance of left menu on the mobile devices, new look of search field on desktop, new look of news, stars in profiles, new layout of clubs and players rankings)
  • Sending mails about receiving new private message (if you do not read them for 15 minutes)
  • Adding wallpapers in profiles
  • Adding family members of players
  • Displaying users by their full name (if completed)
  • Editing data of arenas and tournaments
  • Change inbox functionality (it works as live chat)
  • SEO improvements (using schema.org, correct headers structure, adding sitemap, using open graph protocol)
  • Reporting duplicated profiles
  • Reporting incorrect transfers

We have three new moderators on the website

Thanks to that guys your profiles and movies are accepted faster now. Thank you!

Soonest plans

  • User badges
  • All registered users will be able to edit and remove incorrect clubs of players and other informations on the webiste
  • Logging by using Google account
  • Adding movies from twitter
  • 87 other tasks


We had 6.31% more visitors in 2018 than in 2017 year.


Complete statistics you could find here.

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ojvolleyballHK 9 1
1 year ago
i hope the interaction between users could be improved. Users can rate and discuss the matches and players's performance after the match in matches section.
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