2019: Year in review on Volleybox.net

2019: Year in review on Volleybox.net

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Do you remember the website below? This is how our website looked by the end of 2018.

Volleyball-Movies.net website in 2018


The best year in our history!

2019 was the best year in the project’s history. Over two times more users visited our website in 2019 than in 2018. We had 10% more users than in 2012 (which was the best year so far). 1690 registered on the Volleybox in 2019 (+156% in compare to previous year). We observed an increase in almost all areas. The full statistics you can find here.

We are very close to be the biggest volleyball players database in the internet (currently we have over 36000 players in the database). 88% of players has completed their club history.

In the 6th of March we decided to rebrand. Our project was known as Volleyball Movies before. We realized that previous project’s name was too suggestive and wasn't describing the nature of the website. Movies are only small part of the website’s features. At the beginning we recorded a decrease in the number of visits (-16%). Website has dropped in the Google search results, but after few months it returned to average level.

Your great work

You did a great work in 2019. You added much more movies (+7%), news (+675%), player’s transfers (+52%), player profiles (162%), teams profiles (+205%), arenas (+248%), tournaments (+24%) than year before.

The most active users was:

  1. @Fran  from Spain (10961 actions)
  2. @franzvinci01 from Italy (2639 actions)
  3. @PedroHenriqueTorres from Brazil (1865 actions)
  4. @Sherlock from France (1549 actions)
  5. @bpeter0228 from Hungary (1218 actions)

Year before we announced a three new moderators on the website. This year another three new mods joined Volleybox team: @franzvinci01, @sitenoise and @houseofvolleyball. They are doing a great job! Thanks for them you are not waiting a week for acceptation of your informations, it takes 1-2 days.

New features

2019 was also the best year in terms of implemented features. Full list of recently implemented features you can find in Volleybox backlog.


There are some problems related with our project. 

First of them is about sharing users opinions on the website. As we told before, now we have the most visits in the history. Despite this users activity is probably the lowest in our history. Only 363 comments were added on movies and news in last year. Let’s try to compare it with 24963 comments added in 2011 ;-) For some reason, users don't care about sharing their opinion here.

The second problem is about not enough team for implementing a great things in volleyball industry. Actually only one developer is working on new features. You are reporting a new bugs all the time, but we are not able to combine work on implementation of new features with fixing a bugs. We don’t have a marketing specialist in the team or someone who is inside volleyball business.

Our plans for 2020

Our main goal for 2020 is find a way to encourage users to post comments. We are dreaming about returning such user’s activity as in 2012 (about returning such users as @HCLT, @pearl, @Rachel, @raylight and @vatreni). I hope that we will achieve this goal thanks to such active users as @Fran, @sitenoise or @Sherlock.
Actually on our Canban board there are 93 tasks in TODO / In progress status, but that number is changing all the time. New ideas and new bugs appears all the time…

If you have any ideas for improving Volleybox project write it on the comments section or just send us a private message.

Maybe you would like to tell us, what we are doing wrong? Why users doesn’t want to post their comments here?

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S…k 753 16
2 years ago

I think that we are in an era where information is going way much faster than in 2012 and that's why there are much less comments and interactions. First, people have less time and want to do everything faster so they won't comment except if they have something really important to say. And more important (it happens to me also), most of the videos may have be seen earlier (thanks to this rapidity of information) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for example so people are not discovering something new so they won't comment.

VolleyboxAuthor 466
2 years ago

@Sherlock yes, thats a valuable opinion for me.

I agree that most volleyball fans are reading news and watching movies on the social media (instead here). Movies which are published on our facebook profile have much more views than not published one.

On the other hand there are some volleyball forums where fans are posting all the time. These forums probably don't have such notification system as facebook. What's the reason of their success? Community?

Btw. something like newsletter will be implemented soon on Volleybox. There will be "Observe" button in every player / team / tournament and you will be able to specify how often you want to get notification emails about new movies / news related with that profile (instant email / once a day / once a week etc.). I'm not sure how often people are checking their emails.

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