2nd leg of European Championship qualifiers coming on Friday. Who will qualify for the remaining seats.

John Suen 2021-05-12 • 1440 views


As Pool B, C and D have finished their qualification early this year, Pool A, E, F and G will begin their second round of qualification on 14th of May. 

In Pool A, the Netherlands will finish their qualification in home soil. Leading in pool A with two convincing match against Croatia and Sweden. the Netherlands are very close to qualify into the knockout phase of CEV Eurovolley 2021.

In Pool E, Slovakia leads in convincing fashion against Switzerland, Romania and Albania. Should they continue the lead, they will qualify to CEV Eurovolley 2021

Greece has a slender lead against Balkan country Montenegro in Pool F, Montenegro still has a run for their first ever consecutive Eurovolley 2021

Portugal leads in pool G, but Belarus hanging close in second after losing in a five setter against Portugal in the first match. 

At the conclusion of the qualification of Eurovolley in Sunday, the best five second rank team will also qualify for Eurovolley. Well shall see will Spain hang on the spot and North Macedonia secures their return for their first consecutive Eurovolley.

Currently qualified through the qualification round:

North Macedonia

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