A new way of accepting movies, news and links?

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2019-09-10 • 2746 views • 4 replies

We are thinking about changing a way of accepting movies, news and links (from the waiting room to the homepage).

Actually only users with moderator / administrator permissions are able to push a movie / news / link from the waiting room to the homepage.

Now we are thinking about giving such opportunity for you. I mean about creating an algorithm which will mark movies from the waiting room as good enough to be displayed on the homepage.

Some details:

  • "Power" of one vote of different users will be different.
  • Movie / news / link have to exceed a certain minimum threshold to be displayed on the homepage.
  • Movies / news / links on the waiting room will waiting only some period (e.g. two weeks), then will be displayed only in tagged items (not on the homepage).

There are some pros and cons of such change:


  • Only the best content will be displayed on the homepage
  • You will decide what is interesting, not subjective administrators
  • Maybe there will be more votes for movies etc.


  • There is a risk that there will be e.g. one new movie per week (instead of ~ 20)
  • Such change is good for a services with general topics but not for services about specific topic (like volleyball).

What is your opinion in this matter?

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Sudo 42 3
4 years ago
First of all, I think it's an excellent attitude to want to improve the site's functionalities and accentuate its collaborative aspects. We can test this new way of validating films and news over a few weeks or months and review this solution again.
VolleyboxAuthor 440
4 years ago
@Sudo thanks for kinds words. We decided with @Wojciech Kulak that we will test this solution for some time.
sitenoise 334 9
4 years ago
I'm not really connected to the Home/Waiting Room/Movies part of the site, but I'll mention this from a reverse angle: I've restrained myself from posting movies and newsy items precisely because they go to that Waiting Room. It feels like I'm spamming the general population. I would really like to be able to post movies and Info that are attached to a specific team or player or tournament that wouldn't bother people who aren't already interested in those particular teams or players or tournaments. Is there a way to do that?

Seems great to offload some admin work. The problem with crowd-sourcing "quality" is that this is the Internet, and there are more Haters than Likers on the Internet. Haters gonna Hate. Likers gonna Like. Doesn't really speak to quality. I dunno.
VolleyboxAuthor 440
4 years ago
@sitenoise starting from now movies, news and links don't need an admin acceptation to be showed on related items. I mean if you will add some tag / player / team etc. to the movie it will be showed on related item.
But on the homepage only best movies, news and links will be presented.
The another question is who observes a new movies on the players pages? I was thinking about creating a mechanism for an observing a tags, players etc. and sending users a notifications / emails that there is something new there.