Add opinion about your volleyball agency

Add opinion about your volleyball agency

Volleybox 2020-10-17 • 818 views

Yesterday we launched new feature on Volleybox. Volleyball players and staff members can add opinion about their agency.

“Add review” button is presented in their profile:

They can review different aspects of their agency:

AvailabilityFast answers or you have to wait days and days? Available weekends?
Finding employersDo you have multiple offers? Or just one club always? 
Negotiation skillsAre you satisfied about negotiation result between club and your agent? Can he negotiate money you want to get? What about extra things? 
Support in critical momentsDo you feel special support after your injury? Or when your club does not fulfill its obligations?
Legal protectionCare about your visa? Offers for you special sport insurance? Care about your taxes?
Medical careAgency tries to help you after injury?
Marketing helpIs your agent involved on preparing your video clips for your future? Or you have to do it by yourself? Did he ever authorized your interviews before publishing?
Training aidDoes you manager help you while practices? Do you get gym practice plan while you don't have club? 
Mental assistanceCooperates with some psychologist or mental coach? Do you feel mental support from agency?
Nutritional careDoes your agency cooperates with some dietician?


Add review page

Reviews are presented on the list and in the agency profile (here's an example).

Agencies has possibility to reply for your opinions.

Your reviews may be helpful for other volleyball players who are now looking for a new agency. Moreover, your reviews can motivate the agency to become more involved in its work.



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