Adding matches, same teams within 24 hrs

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Leave it to Japan, but ….

The Japan V.League Division 1 2021/22 schedule is out and what they are doing this upcoming year is two teams will play back to back matches at the same arena each weekend all season long (presumably to cut down on travel?)

JT Marvelous v Hisamitsu Springs 2022-01-28 20:00 @Sumiyoshi Sports Center
JT Marvelous v Hisamitsu Springs 2022-01-29 20:00 @Sumiyoshi Sports Center

What this means is that when I go to add the second night's match I get the error that says the match already exists.

A workaround is to add the matches backwards. That is, start at the end of the season and work backwards, because, for some reason the error doesn't occur if the second added match is before the first one. It's a little disorienting but I'm managing.

It occurs to me that when the matches are completed this fall, I'll score the first one (Friday night), but when I go to score the second one (Saturday night) I will get the error that the match already exists, and what I'll have to do is edit the Friday night match to say it was on Thursday, score the Saturday match, and then re-edit the Friday night match from Thursday back to Friday. What a hassle!

I need a way to get around this

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2 weeks ago

This is a pain in the ass and the season hasn't started yet

I need a way around this

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