Andrei Zhekov returns to "Levski Sofia"

Andrei Zhekov returns to "Levski Sofia"

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 Andrey Zhekov starts work today at "Levski Sofia". The most successful Bulgarian distributor in the last 15 years is returning to the club from which he headed for the big volleyball. 

Zhekov terminated his competitive career and decided to focus on the coaching profession. He will be an assistant to his long-time teammate in Levski, Piacenza and the national team Vladimir Nikolov. Zhekov will also help in the development of the distributors in the club's school. His debut on the "blue" bench will be this Friday in the home match with "Dobrudja 07". The meeting is at 6.30 pm in the Capitol Hall "Universiada"

Three years ago, Andrew again joined as a player to the men's team, but then he recovered from severe trauma, and in three months he became the senior coach. He played in playoff with "Slavia" to stay in the Super League, won 3: 0. After that, the new project for the reconstruction of "Levski Sofia" and its transformation into one of the leading clubs in our country began. Zhekov's competition career began in "Slavia", with whom only 16 years old became a champion.
At 19 he moved to the then Levski Sikonko and in the period 1999-2006 he won another 6 titles and 5 cups of the country. He then goes abroad and his career goes through Neftiani (Rousse), Patron (Gur), Olimpiakos (Ger), Galatasaray (Tour), Piacenza (It), Tomis ), Besiktas (Tour) and Galatz (Rum). Zhekov has over 250 games for the national team, winning three bronze medals - from Japan's 2006 World Cup, World Cup in Japan (2007) and European Cup in Turkey (2009). Here are the first words of the new assistant coach at Levski Sofia:

- Andrey, you return to Levski again, but this time as a coaching assistant. What is the feeling? 

 -"I'm glad I will be able to volleyball again, and I hope to do it in the new field. I have some observations on the team, but I'm just going to get to know each other in detail. Both experienced players with whom I have even competed, as well as young, talented boys. 

 -"You were here three years ago when the club was struggling to survive. What do you see now?

- "The situation is fundamentally different now. For that time, Levski Sofia has developed significantly - there are already strong teams in the teens, and then there was only a male team who struggled to stay in the elite. In addition, it is working in perspective - building a gym, fitness center and all the prerequisites to develop athletes. All this will give stability to the male team and the opportunity to grow young.

- Did you make the decision to end your racing career hard?

 - "It was easy to give up volleyball, the harder it was to live with this decision (laughs). At the same time, after doing something for 25 years, it is not easy to stay long beyond it. 

- What are your ambitions regarding your work in Levski Sofia?

- I definitely think that with the knowledge I have gained in volleyball, I can be useful and I hope to hand them over as a coach. 

- What do you want to learn the young players who want to become distributor Andrey Zhekov? 

- Working with adolescents is very responsible, must be done with patience and knowledge. I hope to give them both technical skills and disciplined team players because these are some of the basic things that were important to me as a competitor.

- With Vladimir Nikolov you have played together for years, and now you will be next to each other and as coaches ...

- Yes it is. With Vlado, we've been playing successfully together for a long time - over 15 years, including one in Italy. I very much hope to continue this as coaches.

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