Berlin Volleys playing in polish League?

2021-06-18 • 546 views • 2 replies

For about a year now, the idea has been to have #BerlinRecyclingVolleys playing in the Polish league.

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I think that its a very interesting idea but what do you think about that? Would they be able to take a sportive foothold there? Wouldn't that be a big setback for the German league? Wouldn't that violate the character of the Polish league?

Let me hear your thoughts!

2 weeks ago

it would be a very strong club for sure. Even now it can sign interesting players and playing in a better league will attract more sponsors. it will pay off for both Berlin and the Polish league. The competition will be more interesting. But it is a difficult topic because it will weaken the German league. On the other hand, it may cause more interest in volleyball among the Germans if their club plays in a stronger league.

1 week ago

@kamilcieslar1999 about that last statement, the problem is that with the German League is that there are no foreigner restrictions, with result that there are only 2 German players in that team, who rarely even play.

And if they do get to play in the Plusliga, what rules on foreigner do they need to hold up to. The main reason Berlin is as dominant as they are, is because of their foreign players. Do they now need to uphold the same foreigner-standards as the Polish clubs? WHAT are domestic players (German and/or Polish)? Would upholding that foreigner standard also not simply cause the team's level to drop way below its current standard, etc.

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