Best Volleyball Video for learning proper spiking form

Anyone know of a great video that teaches you all of the aspects of hitting properly?

Most people say very basic things about hitting. Usually only 3-4 things...but there's so much complexity to the skill of attacking a volleyball.

It would be cool if someone could take a few of the high definition slow motion replays of the professionals and highlight every aspect of hitting form.

From foot placement when jumping, timing of the jump in relation to particular sets, arm motion, when the hitter initiates the attacking motion with their hips, when the hitter begins to pull their body forward with the torso, when the hitter begins to turn their upper body both when pulling their arm back and when turning back forward to hit, leading with the elbow, aim of the shoulder to elbow "line" in relation to the ball, how the hand stays loose and will still be low behind the hitter as the elbow hits its forward position, where in the pike position the hitter makes contact with the ball, etc...

I would love to do something like this, but I don't have all of the access to great videos like some of the great video makers do on this site.

thorxes1 Bloomington, USA

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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
here I made a discussion a long time ago: http://www.volley...ion/spiking-tips-372
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
before you take off, you trust your hips foward

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thorxes1 US 6 years ago
Also, I've heard this a couple of times: "Initiate the motion with your hips."

Can someone elaborate on that? I never really figured out what they meant by that. I don't know if they mean the player should be turning their hips, moving them forward/backward, etc.

thorxes1 US 6 years ago
I've seen both video's posted. The asian one is great, if you already know some fundamentals....but you can't understand anything. So someone raw trying to learn won't get a whole lot from that.

The other one reminds me of every other video out there. It hits some good points, but not nearly in enough detail.

Wilfredo; I've heard "snap your wrist" a lot through my life, but at a volleyball club they taught their players that you shouldn't actually snap your wrist. If you have great form, your wrist is naturally giong to snap on its own. Which is true. Keep your wrist looe, go through an attack swing with proper form, focus on leaving your wrist loose the entire time, and the wrist will snap on its own.

I think that telling people to snap their wrist puts too much focus on that specific aspect and neglects other aspects of proper form that will yield better results.

Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
snap your wrist
liza IL 6 years ago

the video is nice but what really helps is working a lot on those things:

1) arm swing

2) steps

3) ask someone to set for you differently (height position) and try to adjust your spike to it or throw the ball for yourself

4) arm strength and jump that will help your spike to be unstoppable

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