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You are probably just working on the backend, but I can't add a new item.

Click the “+” icon
Get to the page with “Add a New Item”
“Movie” is highlighted and none of the other items are chooseable, except “Tournament”
If I type “” directly into the address bar I get:

Runtime Message

An error was detected which prevented the loading of this page. If this problem persists, please contact the website administrator.

application/views/cropping_image.php [151]:

Undefined variable: showDragBox

Stack Trace

  • system/libraries/Controller.php [74]:include( application/views/cropping_image.php )
  • system/libraries/View.php [272]:Controller_Core->_kohana_load_view( application/views/cropping_image.php, Array (    [user] => Array        (            [id] => 12956            [country] => US            [rank] => Array


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1 week ago

I couldn't post a screenshot of that. It goes on for a long time.
Waterfox and Chrome on Mac OS Desktop

btw - If I click “Arena” at Add New Item" it just stays on “Movie”

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1 week ago


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1 week ago

That was fast :)

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