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2020-07-16 • 123 views • 2 replies

Hi ! I hope this one will be clear, but I have a little problem. A lot of time I want to change the number of teams participating to a tournament, but to validate I also have to indicate the start date of the tournament, and 95 % of the time I have no idea.

For example : I am adding the teams for PlusLiga 1954/55, I know there are 8 teams and I'd like to change it but I have absolutely no idea of the start date of this tournament. So most of the time I put a random date.

---> But a good solution would be to be able to change the number of teams without giving any care to the start date of the tournament. It would make my task way easier.


Volleybox 430
6 months ago

You are absolutely right. It have been just fixed.

Pierre FoucaultAuthor 469 10
6 months ago

@Volleybox Thanks a lot !

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