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2020-08-05 • 1292 views • 3 replies

What do you think about reorganising a chat? I am thinking about removing a scrollbar and displaying messages one under the other (newest on the top). There are so many bugs related with scrollbar on the chat. Moreover I was planning to add possibility of replying for chat messages (so users by replying will create thematically related threads). It works really well on some Polish website: https://www.wykop.pl/mikroblog/.

There is more serious problem related with that: content duplication. I think that for now user is able to share his news from volleyball world on three places on the Volleybox: 
- on forum
- on the chat
- as news on the homepage
It can be confusing for our users. As I see the chat is the most attractive place to share something with other fans, probably thanks to simplicity. On the other way finding something on the chat is really hard: you have to scroll the messages one by one.

I am still thinking how to solve it.

What do you think my dear @sitenoise @Fran @ojvolleyball @Dorien @slintyen @Sherlock @WojciechKulak @Saliveros @AndréMata @VitaliiLatysh @pedeshtrian @AlbertNemes?

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1 year ago

I support the idea.

Dorien 69 4
1 year ago

I support the idea too. 

Maybe it's an idea to put players' ads in a forum, now they use chat for it. It seems to me easier for clubs to search in a forum than in the chat (more organized).

sitenoise 358 7
1 year ago

That Polish site system would be an improvement. I prefer the way the current one is supposed to work with landing on "New Messages" and then getting newer going down, but that doesn't work for non-logged-in users and it has to be laser accurate. Scroll bugs are not welcome :)

As to creating mini-threads if someone responds to a specific chat, that seems like a good idea but what happens when they do? Would it bump the original post to the top of the chat if you use the Polish site way? 

Creating threads in the Chat could be a nice way to surface interesting chats, but I'm not sure enough of them exist yet. Maybe having threads would help make it happen.

Presently the live chat is heavy on player ads. I imagine that will change once the seasons get underway, but it seems like a really nice way for players who may not be fluent in English to get something out there and fellow speakers can help them? 

Just for kicks, I looked to see if the most recent player ads in the live chat had also added their name to the "looking for club" list. Not a single one has. It would be nice if you could hire a moderator fluent in several languages to help guide folks in getting it done :) Maybe add a direct "Looking for a Club?" link under the JOBS menu?

I just clicked on "Looking for a Club?" link and found it a little confusing and intimidating (and I'm an English speaker), but that's a topic for another day

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