Cuba close to make a historical decision!

Cuba close to make a historical decision!

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Cuba is a well-known country with great volleyball talents. In last years they didn’t achieve any significant successes.

Now can be different. A sensational decision was taken by the National Sports Commission in Cuba. According to the Italian media "La Gazzetta dello Sport" everyone who has not decided to change the sports citizenship will get a chance to return. However without Osmany Juantorena (Italy), Wilfredo Leon (Poland) and Yoandy Leal (Brazil). 

A very interesting situation! So, what do you think?


Pl4ntiPL 6
1 year ago
Even though players like Leon, Leal, Juantorena or Oreol Camejo (who received Russian nationality in June 2018) will be not allowed to play for Cuba once again, it's still worth it. Players who remained Cuban (I'm quite sure there a few that aren't that obvious to ourselves, especially in Asia's leagues) will make this team TOP5 immediately. More important is, if a new, brilliant talent shows up - he will be able to get transfered to European clubs, develope, but still play for Cuba. In Europe, they will quickly develope in the field of technique, tactics and mentality - field they are short in.
TrinitiBE 1 1
1 year ago
I m not sure but i think those wing spikers don't have another nationality than cuban:
Wing spikers: Leonardo Leyva Martinez (Beijing BAIC Motors), Oliva Salvador Hidalgo (Jastrzębski Węgiel)
Opposite: Michael Sánchez Bozlueva (Vôlei Itapetininga?)
Setter: Yoandry Diaz (Enisey Krasnoyarsk?)

Is someone certain than Oreol Camejo (zenit st petersburg) has the russian nationality ?
vtnklmdcPL 705 14
1 year ago
They wake up around 10 years too late, when Simon, Leal, Leon , Hernadez , Cepeda, Hierrezuelo, Camejo etc start playing in National Team.
1 year ago
Expected stating line-up
Setter: Raydel Hierrezuelo
Opposite: Fernando Hernandez
Middle: Robertlandy Simon, Isbel Mesa
Who are suitable for position of outside hitters and libero ?
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