[Fixed] PWA. News. Clicking on “Show all” brings back to the top

2020-09-29 • 152 views • 3 replies


  1. Go to the News
  2. Swipe down to the “Show all” button
  3. Tap on it

Actual: Returned back to the top of news

Expected: No returning, new items should be loaded immediately and you can continue scrolling new ones instead of starting from the top again. 

sitenoise 183 7
4 weeks ago

@VitaliiLatysh What is this PWA?

Vitalii LatyshAuthor 37 9
4 weeks ago

@sitenoise Progressive Web Application. Shortly, some kind of approach to build modern mobile application.

You can use it as regular mobile app, but without installing it from apple/google store.

Current version of Volleybox PWA is under beta. I guess more answers you can get from @Volleybox .

Examples: https://www.simicart.com/blog/progressive-web-apps-examples/

Volleybox 340
2 weeks ago


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