[Fixed] Remove Dissolution year

2022-05-27 • 687 views • 4 replies

FC Tokyo has secured another investment from a new company called Nature Lab Co.

The whole team will be transfered to new company. So I think it didn't count as bankruptcy any more. Please help to remove the Dissolution year.

Source: https://www.fctokyo.co.jp/volleyball/news/1785

1 month ago

Creating a new team would make more sense like similar cases happened in Japan already in the past.

This is a new team being formed taking over FC Tokyo assets (players and S1 license) as it's clearly stated in the statement from the V.league organization. FC Tokyo has been dissolved.


1 month ago

@WoohyongChoi  FC Tokyo was bought out by new company. It will change name. But I don't think it's correct to create a new team. New investment to the same team.

1 month ago

@HappyWithVolleyball No, it's not the same team. This is exactly same as Takefuji taking over assets of Ito Yokado in 2001.. V league organization allows taking over S1 license when 70% or more players are retained by the new team.

See the quote from the president of V league organization in the aforementioned article saying a new team is starting. Then the rest of the article explains the history of Tokyo Gas/FC Tokyo from the beginning to the end.


Tokyo Gas, founded in 1948, forming FC Tokyo in 2003 is considered continuation of the same team because Tokyo Gas was a major shareholder of FC Tokyo. That era has ended now when FC Tokyo sold off it's rights to NatureLab which has no relationship with FC Tokyo.

Also see the additional report from Nikkei and press release from NatureLab saying the same thing.



2 weeks ago

Some people change FC Tokyo into Tokyo Great Bears (which btw is wrong spelling. It's Tokyo Greatbears according to their logo and website). Please change back the name since the admin suggests to create a new team.

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