How do I edit tournament? none

How do I edit tournament?

Andy Khang Lam 2019-06-17 155 views 3

Hi I just added a tournament. But discovered it's a 2 group tournament. How can I add groups to tournaments or change the name?

Also added a Beach tournament, but it ended up in men's club tournaments . How to move that?


Also what's up with those images and tags to add, just for a question

Andy Khang Lam Statistician for Danish VolleyLigaen team VK Vestsjælland and Danish youth national teams

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Volleybox 41
2 months ago
1) Only website admins were able to add new groups to the tournaments. The code was modified and now also tournament's administrators are able to do it.
2) There was a bug while adding beach tournaments. It is fixed now. Try again.
3) Do you mean adding logo of tournament?
4) Do you mean adding new tags (e.g. for movies)? Explain it please.
Andy Khang LamDK 1
2 months ago
@Volleybox ok thanks for the answer.
3) Yes, it was logo for existing tournaments.
4) When I made this post. Then there was a section where you must put in tags. And I couldn't find a related tag
Volleybox 41
2 months ago
@Andy Khang Lam
3) Only admins are able to do it. I'm not sure that users are the copyright owners of tournament logos.
4) Actually there is no possibility to add new tags.