Join prediction games in season 2018/19!

Join prediction games in season 2018/19!

Four prediction games starts in that month! You could join that games now. Participation is free. Only registered users could participate in the games. Your points from the game will be added to your ranking points on 



Under every game you have "Predictions" link which allows you to preview predictions of other users. You could preview all predictions by some user by clicking his nickname or avatar in game classification. Results will be refreshed by admins.

There are games in season 2018/19:

Comments (2)

Volleybox PL 6 months ago
@KVOLLEY from the Group Stage.
KVOLLEY KR 6 months ago
Why is there no game of the CEV Champions League ? Are you planning to start the game from the 4th round (=group stage) ?

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