Men's volleyball dream team 2020

Men's volleyball dream team 2020

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By the end of 2020 we have launched new feature on the website: choosing dream team of the year. Every logged user was able to add his votes for the best players on specific positions. Users were able to choose any of 20441 players from the database.

146 users from all over the world added their votes.

Full list of the votes you can find here.

The position of libero is the least doubtful. Jenia was undeniably the best libero of 2020 in your opinion (he get 53% of your votes). The competition for the best coach was also not fierce, Vital had no competitors. Distance between Simon - Srecko duo and rest of the middle-blockers was also huge. Voting for the best setter was the most exciting, Micah and Luciano fought until the last moments for the title of the best setter. 

Here are the results:

Voting for the dream team 2021 will begin on December 1, 2021. We hope to see your votes there!

Dream team based on Volleybox data

What's interesting there is also a ranking of best players 2020 calculated automatically based on team's scores and individual awards. How dream team will look like regarding this data?


S…k 749 16
1 year ago

I agree with almost everything. Nimir and Grebennikov couldn't be challenged. It is a routine for Jenia but this is new for Nimir, what a year he had ! I would probably choose him as the year's MVP. (what do you think @Volleybox maybe add this to next year's dream team ?).

Simon and Lisinac were also the two best middle-blockers I don't see anyone else taking their places in a dream team. Concerning the setters it was between Christenson and De Cecco for me, with Christenson slightly winning for having this capacity to finish points regularly.

Wilfredo Leon is obviously the best outside hitter even if I don't like his style of play. For the other one it is more complicated, it seems that no other outsider hitter than Leon standed out from the crowd this year. Why not Bednorz, I also voted for him as the second O/H. It could also have been N'Gapeth, Leal, Juantorrena or maybe Plotnytskyi.

The only point I disagree is the coach. What did Vital Heynen do ? He leads Perugia to the top of the rankings yes but with an incredible team he is not as dominant as excepted and his team also had some nasty defeats like Trentino and Monza. He also lost his two most important matches of the year : the Italian Cup final and the Champions League pool match, both against Lube. Why is he the best coach of the year for you ?

I would have chosen a coach which makes something special, for example Valerio Baldovin (my pick) who brings Vibo Valentia to the third place of the Superlega, Nikola Grbic who is 16-0 in PlusLiga with a team which doesn't seem amazing on paper, or even Laurent Tillie for such ballsy substitutions which led France to the Olympic ticket in semi-final and final.

jaisSI 216 8
1 year ago

@PierreFoucault i agree about the coach. Baldovin is doing great job but didn't achieve anything yet, so would take Tillie before him. 

Concerning 2nd outside hitter - Bednorz was amazing this year, i chose him too. But now when I'm thinking about it again I would go with Osmany. He's had an amazing season, playin all the games on very top level, being the most important part of amazing Lube team and that's why I think it should be him and Leon the top outside hitters.

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