Pourya Fayazi: I respect Michał Kubiak, he is among the world’s top players

Pourya Fayazi: I respect Michał Kubiak, he is among the world’s top players

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Iranian wing-spiker Pourya Fayazi who after final of Asian Club Championships 2018/19 provoked Michał Kubiak, in the interview for plusliga.pl praised the captain of the Polish national team.

In the final of Asian Championships Fayazi's team (Shahrdari Varamin) was loosing 2:0 in sets but they won in tie-break and Pourya finished that game with ace serve. A moment later, in a gesture of triumph, he pointed his finger at the Pole, who, clearly enraged, moved towards him. Under the net there was a scuffle, and nervous discussions lasted long after the match.

"We are very emotional and sometimes such provocations are inevitable but only in the heat of battle.  It has nothing to do with personal animosities. The match is over and I've already forgotten everything that Kubiak said. I respect him because he is really a great player in terms of sports level. He is among the world’s top players,” Fayazi said in an interview with plusliga.pl.

Probably this situation was a reason of Kubiak words full of angry in the youtube channel: Prawda siatki. Kubiak very unflatteringly spoke not only about Iranian volleyball players, but about the entire Iranian nation. The Polish Volleyball Federation punished him for this suspension for six meetings.

“Kubiak has his own style and I am not going to talk about him, because we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. I have read several books about the history of Iran and Poland. Relations between our countries have always been good,” the MKS Będzin player added.

“I've already forgotten what Kubiak said. Outside the game, we are all friends together, but on the pitch, sometimes we are angry with together. Personally, I have very good contacts with many players from different countries. Undoubtedly, I will shake hand with Kubiak in Chicago,” Fayazi concluded.

Poland and Iran team will face on July 11 at the Final Six of Volleyball Nations League 2019. Michal Kubiak won't be part of the Polish team in the finals in Chicago.


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