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2021-06-17 • 509 views • 1 replies

In the most recent round of the Men's Volleyball Nations League 2021, I earned 17 points to my ranking and this is confirmed in the “top scorers last round” section. However, the scoreboard shows that I only earned 14 points. Could someone please fix this issue?

pedeshtrian 43 14
4 months ago

I think it will be fixed with the new refresh. Last night the game was refreshed before the the score of Iran - Brazil match was entered/accepted, so both total points and earned points shown in the “current classification” section are according to the results prior to Iran - Brazil match. On the other hand, although the score is not available at the time, the game is refreshed after the Iran - Brazil match was finished and I think the algorithm of the “top scorers last round” works by adding the earned points from the matches between last two refreshes (timewise). You see, in the earlier hours of the morning, before the acceptance of the Iran - Brazil match result, the scores in the “top scorers last round” section was different from now and after the match score is accepted, points from the Iran - Brazil match were added to “top scorers last round” section. But since the game is not refreshed after that, those points have not been added to the current classification, yet.

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