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PSG Volleyball?

We all know about Paris Volley's, a club with successful history, financial problems. The fact private people, like active volleyball players are investing in the club to keep it alive doesn't sound "stable". It would be invaluable loss for volleyball world if Paris Volleyball collapsed. Should PSG Group go for it?

There's obviously PSG Football Club, there's also PSG Handball. Both of them are professional, impressive and "dream team". Why PSG didn't decide to take over the volleyball field in France (and possibly in the world?). I imagine volleyball isn't as profitable as football, basketball or even handball but hey...does PSG sound like "we should be saving money" at all?

It would be very simple operation to build the roster on the base of French national team. Still young players like Ngapeth, Boyer, Toniutti or Grebennikov would fit the city perfectly. With addition of 2-3 best players in particular positions (I'd say middle-blocker, wide-receiver and opposite) the team might take the volleyball on a whole new level. It would finally be a SHOW time!

There's one more thing...imagine the comeback. The comeback of Vladimir Alekhno who speaks French fluently and has been living there, working as coach of Tours, as a coach of this joyful, modern and spectacular roster.

What do you think about it? Why PSG hasn't done it yet? Will they do it?

My roster would be a mix of youth, technique and especially defense play. It would include only 2-3 foreign players. The reception line would be unbreakable. I bet 40-60% of reception would be "perfect".

Setter: Benjamin Toniutti / Micah Christenson (I haven't decided yet, Micah might give them more on serve and block field)

Opposite: Stephan Boyer (an enigma but I think he would do just fine)

Middle-blocker: Kevin Le Roux, Srecko Lisinac

Receivers: Earvin Ngapeth, Dmitriy Volkov

Libero: Jenia Grebennikov


Who would you see in a roster?

1 year ago
Volleyball market is small especially in France. Giants like PSG is not willing to invest in volleyball. ROI is low.
People love volleyball should think how to increase volleyball market value.
4 weeks ago

Psg will be artificiall Club. 

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