Raul Lozano next coach Iran Team

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Raul Lozano next coach Iran Team

Czarni Radom coach Raul Lozano has been shortlisted to coach Iran volleyball team.

It seems the Iranian Volleyball Federation is reluctant to continue cooperation with Slobodan Kovac.

“We are going to book a place in the 2016 Olympic Games and don’t want to take a risk with Kovac. Lozano is a candidate to take charge of the team as well as Juan Manuel Cichello and Lorenzo Bernardi,” President of Iran Volleyball Federation Mohammad Reza Davarzani said.

Lozano began his coaching career with Estudientes de la Plata of Argentina and also worked at several Italian clubs, including Rex Pordenone, Cedisa Salerno, and Milan Volley, as well as Germany’s Niemcy.

The Argentine coach has also coached Spain, Poland and Germany national teams.


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