Russia Anti-Hero Aleksey "Spyro" Spiridonov ?

2021-12-28 • 848 views • 2 replies

Well guys i know that almost everybody will hate this post even than me, but i think this guy its doing it right except for his provocations, which for me aren´t bad just funny thats all, Spyro have a lot sense of humor that he needs to show it to everybody now lets see, the analysis, despite the fact that he isnt the leader of the russian federation at all, spyro have been player inomegle xender the OH starting position with Sivozhelez in this new russia period, after leave the team for coach Alekno decisitions for obvius reasons, this guy have mantain a certain level of play its not brilliant like They or Tethyukine but he i think the one thing he needs is maturity only 24 years old well i like his style i dont know what you think guys besides hate him, withouth any reason after all he never spoke with of one of you

syNleraK 3 1
1 year ago

Buddy, I think you made this post 8 years too late.

3 weeks ago

@FabianAllendriving directions Tethyukine I enjoy his approach, but he's so young (he's 24) that I can't see why anybody would dislike him. He obviously hasn't had any meaningful interactions with any of you.

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