Russia team for World League 2014

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Russia team for World League 2014



Representation of Russia in World League 2014:
Dmitry Kovalev, Sergei Makarov, Sergei Grankin
Opposite Hitters:
Nikolay Pavlov, Maksim Mikhailov, Maksim Żigałow, Denis Ziemczonok
Outside Hitters:
Taras Chtiej, Yevgeny Siwożelez, Denis Biryukov, Alexey Spriridonow, Sergei Sawin, Dmitry Ilinych, Alexei Rodiczew
Middle Blockers:
Nikolai Apalikov, Alexei Ostapienko, Artiom Smolar, Dmitry Muserskij, Artiom Wołwicz
Alexey Verbov, Artiom Jermakow, Valentin Golubev


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freemystic PH 5 years ago
This team is scary. After the Rio Olympics in 2016, the next generation of players, including Zhigalov, Poletaev, Kovalev, Golubev, Volvich, and presumably Laurent Alekno will be donning the Russian tricolors in Tokyo. The Russians play the same brand of volleyball so it's very easy for the coach to train them. After the 2012 London Olympics, the quality of volleyball in this country has been on the ascent. It's no wonder that the best players in the world today regard the Russian League as the strongest in the world.
rkk BG 5 years ago
@freemystic: Pavel Pankov - too...
joe27 TH 5 years ago
i miss Alexander Butko. why not him in russia team?
rkk BG 5 years ago
I think that every team has the right to have only two players which are naturalized from another country - in this case these players are Muserski and Pavlov (ukrainians).
Vovin RU 5 years ago
@rkk: Yes, only 1 foreign player. In this team this is Pavlov, so without Butko. Also without young setters from Surgut, which had good season
rkk BG 5 years ago
@Vovin: Yep, my mistake - Muserski has ukrainian origin, but he is Russian by birth.
andyz US 5 years ago
ya, volkov needs another knee surgery: meniscus tear
Vovin RU 5 years ago
@andyz: Just long recovery from old injury, he plays only a few sets not whole game.
UPD: yes, really new injury, with the smae knee

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qsek PL 5 years ago
what with Alexandr Volkov? I heard he has bad injury again, is this true?
Vovin RU 5 years ago
1. Kovalev (1991, 198, Prikamie)
2. Makarov (1980, 196, Kuzbass)
5. Grankin (1985, 195, Dinamo Moscow)

7. Pavlov (1982, 196, Gubernia)
17. Mikhailov (1988, 202, Zenit)
19. Zhigalov (1989, 201, Belogorie)
22. Zemchyonok (1987, 202, Dinamo Krasnodar)

Outside hitters
4. Htey (1982, 205, Belogorie)
6. Sivozhelez (1986, 196, Zenit)
8. Biryukov (1988, 202, Dinamo Moscow)
9. Spiridonov (1988, 196, Fakel)
10. Savin (1988, 201, Gubernia)
15. Ilinykh (1987, 201, Belogorie)
18. Rodichev (1988, 196, Yugra)

3. Apalikov (1982, 203, Zenit)
11. Ostapenko (1986, 208, Gubernia)
12. Smolyar (1985, 209, Yugra)
13. Muserskiy (1988, 218, Belogorie)
14. Volvich (1990, 208, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk)

16. Verbov (1982, 183, Zenit)
20. Ermakov (1982, 188, Dinamo Moscow)
21. Golubev (1992, 190, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk)

from Russian volleyball federation

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aleksaff RS 5 years ago
can someone write the clubs for which they are playing
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
No Poletaev yet.
Vovin RU 5 years ago
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: So young, only 19 yo, he hasn't played during a season, because was 3rd opposite in Zenit
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
@Vovin: but he played good during the Russian Finals. By the way, Poletaev is 18.

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