Still in 6th place in the world...

Still in 6th place in the world...

Volleybox 2020-10-17 • 842 views

We are glad to tell you that regarding similarweb ranking Volleybox is still on the 6th place in the world among most popular volleyball websites.

Another month in a row we broke the unique users record. 121159 unique users visited Volleybox in september 2020. That's the best result in our 13 years history!

Most unique users on Volleybox in one month:

1.September 2020121159 unique users
2.August 2020109362 unique users
3.May 202094769 unique users

513 users have registered on the Volleybox in september which is another record in the history of the website.

1.September 2020513 registered users
2.August 2020469 registered users
3.April 2020466 registered users

The most users logged to the website in September:

1.September 20201535 logged users
2.August 20201357 logged users
3.June 20201241 logged users

In September our users added 8909 match predictions, what's the greatest number in the history (previous record: 7334 predictions in November 2019).

If you are wonder what are our plans for the future you can check our backlog.

Thank you for everyone's efforts to keep improving the website. We hope that we will manage to reach the top of the ranking together.



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