Super 7 Selections of Coaches and Ex-Players

2021-11-03 • 295 views • 4 replies

In this CEV video series, volleyball coaches and ex-players create their #Dreamteam across all eras of volleyball. Here are the men's super seven selections:

#VitalHeynen's Team

#SergeyTetyukhin's Team

#LyubomirGanev's Team

#SamuelePapi's Team

#JoopAlberda's Team

#SebastianŚwiderski's Team

#VladimirGrbić's Team

#GiovanniGuidetti's Team

#PhilippeBlain's Team

Super “Super 7" according to number of selections:

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pedeshtrianAuthor 46 15
3 weeks ago

This is My Super 7:

  • Setter: Peter Blangé
  • Outside Hitters: Wilfredo Leon & Giba
  • Middle Blockers: Bas van de Goor & Aleksandr Savin
  • Opposite: Ivan Miljković
  • Libero: Sergio Santos

What is your super 7 selections? Let's revive the forum!

3 weeks ago
  • Setter: Bruno Rezende
  • Outside Hitters: Wilfredo Leon, Osmany Juantorena
  • Middle Blockers: Dmitriy Muserskiy, Robertlandy Simon
  • Opposite: Maxim Mikhaylov (how did no one choose him?!)
  • Libero: Jenia Grebennikov

P.S.: If someone picks at this point of time Yuji Nishida, I'll just assume you have been watching volleyball for less than 3 years.

Sherlock 720 16
3 weeks ago

Hello, everyone, does someone know what Vital Heynen is smoking ?

I am young so my Super 7 will probably be full of players who are still playing or really recently retired (like after 2010).

  • Setter : William Arjona
  • Outside hitters : Karch Kiraly, Wilfredo Leon
  • Middle-blockers : Robertlandy Simon, Dmitry Muserskiy
  • Opposite : Matthew Anderson
  • Libero : Jenia Grebennikov
pedeshtrianAuthor 46 15
3 weeks ago

@Sherlock To be honest, he said at the beginning he will choose the players who “helped him to learn” as a coach. So he didn't choose the best players, he chose players that he respects most among the players he's worked throughout his coaching career. Basically, he finds a way to put his favorite players into the list. By the way, I'm surprised that he didn't select Drzyzga as his setter because he thinks that he is the best European setter of the last decade.

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