Teams ranking for 2023

MeteA 9
2023-01-25 • 1352 views

@avid To whom it may concern. I have noticed that, many of the teams rankings for 2023, do not represent the reality. No matter whether the tournament(s) have finished for some teams or not, if you indicate a team's rankings at the beginning of the season and/or before they complete the season, it does not indicate the correct position for the concerned year. If we take Galatasaray as an example, at the moment they are at the 4th place in Turkish league and qualified to play in semi final for the Turkish cup. In this case, it is not fair to indicate their position below the unheard teams and even below some of the Turkish teams, which are not even close to Galatasaray. My suggestion is to remove all these rankings from such teams and wait until the end of the season. After that, add up all their point and then complete the ranking. After a detailed checks of your rankings, I can understand the algorithm but the algorithm should be in line with the overall status as well, and not depend on one tourmanent but should be in line with overall scorings. Again, I request from you to remove all these rankings of 2023 for the teams, having similar status in your list.

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