The longest set in the history of volleyball

The longest set in the history of volleyball

chrison 2012-01-17 56009 views 30

Volleymaster inspired me to this topic :)
Loong time ago I was looking for the information what was the longest set in the history of volleyball. I have found this:

187:85Men Czechoslovak League1979??? - Triest Baranovice
263:61Men German League  
356:54Men Korean League28.11.2013Korean Air Jumbos - Rush & Cash
454:52Men Italian Serie A13.01.2002Bre Banca Cuneo - Sisley Treviso
552:54Men Greek A131.10.2007AEK Athens - PAOK Thessaloniki
648:46Women Italian League04.02.2002Modena - Perugia
748:46Men Russian Superleague15.04.2018Fakel Novy Urengoy - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk
848:46Men Italian Serie A214.05.2003Lamezia - Cagliari
948:46 3rd division28.10.2018Harnes - Rennes EC
1046:44Men Spanish Superliga Malaga - CV Andorra
1144:46Men Italian Serie A105.12.2004Modena - Vibo Valentia
1246:44NCAA08.11.2013Millsaps - Birmingham
1344:46Women Champions League21.02.2019Minchanka Minsk - RC Cannes
1445:43World League11.06.2017Qatar - Venezuela
1545:43Men V.Premier League Sunbirds - Toray Arrows
1645:43Women Lithuanian League26.01.2019Dextera - Gargždu
1745:43Women NCAA24.10.2009Manhattan - Rider
1845:43Men French Pro B03.11.2018AS Illac - Plessis-Robinson
1945:43Women Italian Supercup22.12.2006Novara - Perugia
2044:42Men Greek A109.02.2002Aris Thessaloniki - AE Nikaia
chrison Sosnowiec, Poland

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aaoffix GB 5 months ago
it's very hard to see over 40 points scored by a team in a set ... even if both team are very tight it's almost impossible one of them won't go ahead with 2 points . I'm curious how was that match 87-85 ... it's any videos for it ? Thanks
P…t 5 months ago
@aaoffix: Not sure it exists. 1979 it was still the old system when you scored a point only when it you were serving. At time a set could go for an hour for only 25-23. A set like that with this system would mean probably more than 3 hours of play only for this set. It would be unreal.
P…t 5 months ago
15/04/18 Fakel Noviy Urengoy d. Lokomotiv Novosibirsk : 48-46, 25-22, 25-19
28/11/13 Korean Air Jumbos d. Rush & Cash : 25-22, 25-23, 56-54
04/02/02 Modena d. Perugia (women) : 25-20, 25-22, 25-27, 48-46
11/06/17 World League, Qatar d. Venezuela : 27-29, 25-16, 45-43, 25-13

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chrison PL 5 months ago
@PierreF: Wow, thanks!
P…t 5 months ago
@chrison: I did a lot of research for an article... I have a few others :)
chrison PL 5 months ago
@PierreF: Go on ;)
P…t 5 months ago
14/05/03 Lamezia d. Cagliari (2nd division) : 48-46, 25-18, 23-25, 28-26
28/10/18 Harnes d. Rennes EC (3rd division) : 25-20, 28-26, 48-46
Spain 2004/2005 Malaga d. CV Andorra : 46-44
05/12/04 Modena d. Vibo Valentia : 26-24, 23-25, 26-24, 44-46, 17-15
08/11/13 Millsaps d. Birmingham (NCAA) : 25-15, 46-44, 23-25, 25-14
Japan 2008/2009 Sunbirds d. Toray Arrows : 45-43
26/01/19 Dextera d. Gargzdai (Lithuania, women) : 25-16, 26-24, 45-43
24/10/09 Manhattan d. Rider (NCAA) : 45-43, 26-24, 25-16
03/11/18 AS Illac d. Plessis-Robinson (2nd division) : 14-25, 18-25, 45-43, 25-14, 15-12
22/12/06 Novara d. Perugia (Supercup, women) : 25-12, 25-21, 45-43

That's all I have for teams who reached at least 45 points. For some of them I don't have the precise date and the exact score. I'm pretty disappointed that I found nothing on the 87-85 and 63-61 that you listed, I'm not sure those scores really happened.
aaoffix GB 5 months ago
Champions League Women

Minchanka Minsk (W) v RC Cannes (W) 44-46 today ...
chrison PL 5 months ago
@aaoffix: Updated. Thank you very much.
Etidic NG 1 year ago
Just watched a game a few minutes World U19 Championships (france vs Poland). It 4th set ended at 40:38. Great game...
Gevorg AM 5 years ago
Potenza Picena v Padova
43:41 2:3 (25:18, 43:41, 22:25, 19:25, 12:15)
2nd set of Italy Seria A2 (Men) Volleyball
Date: 24th of Novenber, 2013

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fadel BH 7 years ago
What a competition
This means that they have played 3 sets and a half
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
This year one set by Fridrichafen was played 40:42, but I dont remember who was the opponent.
Kk15 IT 7 years ago
Is there any chanche that Baranovice was the sponsor?

BTW, I also remember a very long set (i guess it ended smth like 42-40) in the first match of the final of 2011 Challenge Cup, Lube Banca Marche Macerata-Arkas Izmir
zamboni GR 7 years ago
31/10/07: AEK Athens - PAOK Thessaloniki 3-1 (25-22, 52-54, 25-19, 25-19)

Here are the stats of the game:;mid=4325&cid=45
raylight BG 7 years ago
where are the mythbusters when you need them? :)
Berny SK 7 years ago
So I told this to my father (ended in 1982) and he didnt know about that. I didnt find this town, but I wrote someone who knows better in Czech federation :) so maybe we will find the truth and myth becomes reality :D
chrison PL 7 years ago
Berny - I was looking for the town "Baranovice" in Czech Republic and Slovakia but I couldn't find it. This city exist? Or 87:85 is only a legend?
Berny SK 7 years ago
I am working on it guys :)
thrizer BE 7 years ago
That Todor is a genius!
HCLT BR 7 years ago
Guys, check the link above. I really like that website which is constantly updated by a Bulgarian fan. Dunno why, but I always liked to check scores.

Although Todor’s page focuses only on NTs, you’ll see that in the old points system a score going over 20 was quite rare.

BTW, Todor brings almost every score in major tournaments and also team rosters – very interesting.

Regarding that 87:85 set supposedly played in 1979 Czechoslovakian League, maybe our Slovakian friend Berny can check for us. Though the archives of former Czechoslovakian federation stayed with the Czech federation in Prague, perhaps our friend can verify this for us, once he speaks Czech.

That volleyball set reminds me of this one in tennis – the longest set in tennis history, in the longest match (11 hours and 5 minutes).
HCLT BR 7 years ago
Maybe one of the Czech users of v-movies can verify that with their federation. Such info should be easy to check, as it is a very unusual score. Anyway, 87:85 is totally crazy, especially in the old point system. For example, in one match at 1986 worlds a set finished 20:18 (not impressive), but it lasted 80 minutes – I just checked that. Can you imagine a set that ended 87:85? If it was the first set, then the players were crawling on the court after that.

Talking about NTs matches people remember that set on the game Brazil vs. Argentina, at 2011 WL, that finished 42:40, but I saw the same score on the match Puerto Rico vs. Canada, at the 2008 Olympic qualifier – that set was won by the Ricans. In 1999 WL Brazil won a set against Canada 44:42.

You can see really long sets watching NCAA, but by their rules the sets are played to 30 (men’s game), not 25, so seeing score going over 40 is not so uncommon.
NXT PL 7 years ago
Hmm wasn't some set in Italy - USA match in world cup like 40+ for both sides aswell?
casamodena IT 7 years ago
As for Italian league You can find more and more curiosities like these on;Tipo=TOPSCORE_SET .
Me too I wasn't aware of , for example, a 25-18 set who was 87 minutes long!! Or, just to say, another match where 39!! overall stuff blocks were scored!
Sllaveq BG 7 years ago
Zyta PL 7 years ago
chrison can you give source of that info about 87:85? Because that's just insane if it's true. 1979? that was in old system still!
thrizer BE 7 years ago
Champions League some years ago: Roeselare - Belgorod: 40-42.
Frank CA 7 years ago
With the old scoring system, matches could last forever :o
bidahaha BR 7 years ago
87:85 =O