The stars on EuroVolley 2013: Jan Štokr (Czech Republic)

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The stars on EuroVolley 2013: Jan Štokr (Czech Republic) Jan Štokr (born Januar 16, 1983 in Dačicach) is the greatest star of Czech volleyball (winner of plebiscites for Best Czech Volleyball Player 2011 and 2012).

His first club was SK Telc. He spent there two seasons (1997-1999). Stokr played also in teams such like: TJ Je Dukovany (1999-2000), USK Praga (2000-2001) and Chance Odolena Voda (2001-2004). He won Czech Champion title with Odolena in season 2003/04. He was a player of Modena in season 2004/05. "Modena was a first Italian team which trusted me and gave me a chance to try my hand in Italian Serie A. I was 22 then and it was a great experience for me". He had successful debut there scoring 114 points in his first season in Italy despite a fact that he was fighting for a place in starting six with one of the greatest spikers in that period: Richard Schuil. Jan Stokr played also for Italian teams like: Cagliari Volley (2005-06) and Perugia Volley (2006-2010). In season 2009/10 his team won Challenge Cup. After amazing season 2009/10, he signed contract with Trentino Volley. He won many titles with Trentino Volley like Italian Champion, Italian Cup, SuperCup and Champions League Champion. "Trentino is the best team in the world for me. Playing and training with such players as Kaziyski or Juantorena helps me so much. I am also glad with training with Radostin Stoychev". Before final matches of Serie A 2012/13 it was sure that he will leave Trento. For this reason he wanted so much to leave Italy wth scudetto. "Italy will always stay in my heart, especially Trento's surroundings and the German-speaking part of Trento. Fans behaved great, they wished all the best for my future career".
In next season he will join Russian club: Dynamo Krasnodar. In EuroVolley 2013 Czech Republic will face Russia, Bulgaria and Germany. "I don't understand how this draw could happen. We qualified to the EuroVolley from the first place in qualifications (they won group C loosing only one set) and then we found ourselves in seeding pot with the strongest teams in the Europe.
It will be group of death of this EuroVolley. It will be so hard task to qualify to the next round."

Jan Stokr

Date of birth: 1983
Position: spiker
Height: 206cm
Weight: 110kg
Spike: 368cm
Block: 341cm

Clubs: SK Telc , TJ Je Dukovany , USK Prague , Odolena Voda , Pallavolo Modena , Cagliari Volley , RPA Perugia , Trentino Volley , Dynamo Krasnodar


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