Top 10 best spikes, digs, blocks, aces, funny moments

Top 10 best spikes, digs, blocks, aces, funny moments I'm going to make a movie about:
1. Top 20 best spikes
2. Top 10 best digs
3. Top 10 best blocks
4. Top 10 best aces
5. Maybe Top 10 funny moments
But I need your help in selecting the appropriate action, if you have some interesting actions to one of the above categories write here or send me private message
p.s the biggest problem I have with the last three ideas
vtnklmdc I'm 26 years old volleyball fan from Poland, right now I live in London. In my free time I always try to find some time for my hobby, to make some new movies. Hope that you enjoy my work, more info about me you can find on my facebook page, cheers.

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Berny SK 5 years ago
NightFox nice one :-) i just love this particular action with Clay attacking :-) I watched it probably 100times :D
NightFox BG 5 years ago
top 10 aces - http://www.volley...mh-and-126-kmh-m7669 (the second one 126 km/h)

and http://www.youtub.../watch?v=Jg6fVywMhPU - one of my favourite spikes

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Someone PL 5 years ago
My top funny moments and grat blocks: http://www.youtub.../watch?v=GEPZdiEaLmc :)

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zver PL 5 years ago
funny: something with spiridonov for sure :D
przemek16 PL 5 years ago
Sundfjord NO 5 years ago
Giba's digs in OG final 2004 should both be in there. Although I don't think a replay exists, Sergio's dig at 2:19 in this movie (http://www.youtub...watch?v=zbkAF93qW5k) is the filthiest I've ever seen and should also be there.
elcheposanchez MX 5 years ago
Murilo's spike obviusly

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hanes233 EE 5 years ago
Juantorena 3rd meter spike and Kaziyski's spike in the video Trentino volley hits at 1.06
Koxiu PL 5 years ago
Lucas attack under the net
przemek16 PL 5 years ago
@Koxiu: and Christian Dunnes service under the net in match between AZS Częstochowa and Copra Piacenza (Champions League 2008/09- "Polonia" hall)
belgiumvolley BE 5 years ago
@przemek16: Lets add al those serves who went 9 meters outside the court as well, Kurek and Tischer had one, others?
vtnklmdc PL 5 years ago
For sure in funny moments I will not forget about Theo Wallace :D
zver PL 5 years ago
and also Grozer, in match against Italy on Bari's face ;D
przemek16 PL 5 years ago
+ 1st place Georg Grozer - Top10 aces, match Resovia - Skra (128 km/h) :D
raylight BG 5 years ago
Juantorena and Kaziyski have aces for this list, I put those two in special video. For blocks - the one handed blocks of Pujol and Bratoev, funny moments - something with Luigi Mastrangelo :)
przemek16 PL 5 years ago
funny moments - Nikic (Serbia - hmm )
http://www.volley...2008-highlights-m460 (3:40)