Volleybox is available in Polish language now!

Volleybox is available in Polish language now!

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It was the biggest task implemented on the website in 13 years. It took 39 days (starting from 21th of March) to translate the website for the first language: Polish ??. Today the implementation has been completed.

Why do this?

The main reason was SEO. Google strongly promotes pages in the user's language. 

Volleybox partially translated into Polish was available in the beginning of the April. Let's see the results from Google search console. Chart below presents how many users from Poland clicked some Volleybox page on Google during the day. A clear increase is already noticeable, despite the fact that Google has not finished indexing Polish pages yet.

Moreover, a lot of people (especially not technical people) doesn't know how to use Google translate on the website. That's why I decided to support non-English speaking users here.

Why Polish?

I'm Polish, so I was able to translate all texts myself. I didn't need any help for this.

What about other languages?

In the coming days I will provide a tool in which all of you will be able to participate in the translation of the website into your native language.

I am thinking of a couple of tools for this: Crowdin, Lokalise, POEditor and few others. If you know any online tool that could be useful for this, please let me know in the comments.

That's a video presenting how Crowdin works:

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