We have 10000 registered users!

We have 10000 registered users!

Volleybox 2020-06-27 • 1396 views • 3

We are glad to tell you that in this week we broke another record on our website. On last Wednesday registered 10,000th user: @ManuelSteiner. Congratulations!

Volleybox was created as Volleyball-movies.net on 14th July, 2007. Login system was introduced on the website on 2nd November, 2009. You can see the distribution of users' growth on the website on the chart below:

On 5th July 2019, we introduced new feature on the Volleybox: logging with Google and you see a result of that on the screen above.

Who are our users?

The distribution of users can be seen on the screen below:

Where are they from?

TOP10 countries on Volleybox

In May 2020, we broke the January record in the number of Internet users who visited our site: over 95,000 users (~350,000 visits, ~1,900,000 page views).

Problems and goals

Based on our statistics in June 2020, 1178 users out of 10056 registered users logged to our system (~12%). Not bad, not terrible.

Our goal is to increase user activity on the site. In years 2011-2013 users were adding a lot of comments (24963 comments added in 2011), our website was full of different opinions and Volleyball-movies.net was opinion forming. We would like to see such activity once again here.

One of our ideas to achieve it are push notifications send to users who will declare that they want to receive them. You will be able to get notifications about private messages, comments on your movies, news, you will be able to subscribe specific profiles (players, teams, tournaments etc.). Push notifications and implementation of PWA on Volleybox is in progress now. We hope that you will be able to see first results in July 2020.
There will be also some improvements on the forum.

We hope that soon the Volleybox will be more visible in the real world.

Special thanks to...

@KrzysztofKolodziej for many hours of discussion, kindness, culture and patience

@WojciechKulak for Facebook page and our waiting room administration

@przemek16 for website administration in years 2012-2018.

@Fran for being the most active user here, watching over the correctness of data, all bug reports and your suggestions

@Sherlock for a huge portion of data on the site, reporting inaccuracies on the website

@marciovolley, @KVOLLEY and @AirtonNeto for being one of the first to complete the database

@sitenoise for many valuable ideas that have been implemented, for attention to details, for taking care of the Asian volleyball on the website

@franzvinci01 for inspiring us to create new features on the website, for added data, for bug reports

@Gerdy for taking care of Belgian volleyball here, your willingness to create the best volleyball site from Volleybox

@pedeshtrian for reviving Beach Volleybox

@slintyen for great performance in last two months (especially regarding staff members database), for suggestions that were very helpful to us

@VitaliiLatysh for data on the Ukrainian volleyball, for the professional way of reporting bugs, for readiness to help in the implementation of the website

@Dorien for noticing many errors on the website, a huge number of matches added

@AlexRobertson for adding data not available anywhere else on the internet

@Saliveros for completing a data about Greek and Cypriot volleyball

@BooneGames for a huge portion of data (mainly about Asian volleyball which is unknown to us)

@AlbertNemes for taking care of Hungarian and beach volleyball here

@VolleyballExplained for mentioning us in your video's descriptions

@VolleyballMovies for promoting us on youtube

@volleyvids12 for great movies in last years

Thank you guys and gals!



mldzPL 1
1 year ago

wow great job! :D

Vitalii LatyshUA 97 11
1 year ago

"our website was full of different opinions and Volleyball-movies.net was opinion forming. We would like to see such activity once again here." First thought - a lot of fans moved to the messengers - Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp etc. Does Volleybox.net has some official channel in any of them?

S…k 749 16
1 year ago

Huge achievement, congrats !

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