Yuriy Gladyr received Polish citizenship

Yuriy Gladyr received Polish citizenship After three years of waiting, middle blocker of Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle can enjoy a new chapter of his life. Along with his whole family, he gained Polish citizenship.

Yuriy Gladyr (born in Ukraine) has been a part of PlusLiga for a long time. In 2008 he came to Warsaw to play with AZS and he made a great impression at once. Year later he moved to Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle, where he still belongs.

Few days ago he received a new document, confirming that as of right now, Gladyr is the citizen of Poland. Also his wife and his daughter (born in Poland) can enjoy this paper. Gladyr admits that his family is going to stay in Poland for good.

This situation gives new opportunities for Daniel Castellani, who now can combine his team in a different ways.
In PlusLiga there is limited space for foreigner players on the court (3 out of 6 in the field) and with Gladyr being officially Pole, Castellani can try some new solutions.

source: http://www.volleycountry.com

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CyberPunk ES 6 years ago
come on guys, first italy now yout to. poland doesnt need those foreign players they have a solid foundation kurek, winiarski and more well they have to think fast in make some changes in the libero position but its ok igla will stay a by the moment, your team only needs confidence and luck againts the russian his black beast since i remember. if before anastasi brazil was the objective now is russia.
artko PL 6 years ago
A ja go widze w reprezentacji. I dzieki Bogu o druzynie decyduje sam trener nikt inny.
Mihau PL 6 years ago
Przychodził do Plusligi jako anonimowy gracz, a jak się rozwinął! Niebywałe warunki motoryczne, dodał techniki, ogrania na wyższym poziomie. Lubię tego gościa! Chyba szczególnie za jego ekspresje po zdobytych punktach.
Niestety w reprezentacji go nie widzę. Jeśli już Plina się nie łapie bo Anastasi stawia na młodszych to Juri tym bardziej się nie załapie. Zbyt duża konkurencja. Choć czas pokaże :)
zloty147 PL 6 years ago
That's great news for all of us.
NightFox BG 6 years ago
That's one of my favourite centers - he'll be great with the white/red shirt.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
Great news for the team that they can add one more foreigner. Is it possible that we might see him on NT?

Last edited by Wilfredo_is_Marshall 6 years ago.

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