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Federico Pereyra

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Player data

Ranking 681
Ranking in 2020 2214
Nationality Argentina
Position Opposite
Birthdate 1988-06-19
Height 200cm
Weight 97kg
Spike 345cm
Block 330cm
Views 7850
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Fivb Licensed Agent at Leader Volleyball Agency , The exclusive official agency in Middle East and Africa




Player experience

Al-Hilal VC
Al-Hilal VCSaudi Arabia
2019/20 - 2019/20
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Lomas Vóley
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Payam Khorasan
Payam KhorasanIran
2014/15 - 2014/15
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Greenyard Maaseik
Greenyard MaaseikBelgium
2013/14 - 2013/14
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Volley Brolo
Volley BroloItaly
2012/13 - 2012/13
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América Vôlei/Montes Claros
América Vôlei/Montes ClarosBrazil
2011/12 - 2011/12
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Bolívar Voley
Bolívar VoleyArgentina
2009/10 - 2010/11
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C.D.V. Río Duero Soria
C.D.V. Río Duero SoriaSpain
2008/09 - 2008/09
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A.O.P. Kifissias
A.O.P. KifissiasGreece
2007/08 - 2007/08
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Boca Juniors
Boca JuniorsArgentina
2006/07 - 2006/07
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