Finnish fans in World Championship 2014

Wilfredo_is_Marshall 2014-09-02 10:09 • 1696 views
With blue hair and high hopes, fans from Finland get ready to cheer on their national volleyball team against Cuba on September 1. It was the first Finland’s participation at the WCH since 1982. They were eliminated in the first round. But, it seems that they won’t back home after the first round. In the first match of the World Champs. 2014 Cuba NT was leading 2:0, everyone thought that they will take victory. Suddenly, Finland started to play very well and managed to win 3:2 (18:25, 21:25, 27:25, 25:23, 15:12).
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Date: 01.09.2014
Place: "Spodek", Katowice
Match: Finland - Cuba 3:2 (Group B, 1st match)
Kind of tournament: World Championship 2014


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