France in World League 2014

2014-07-29 16:56
Movie showing moments of glory of French national team in World League 2014. They didn't qualify to the Final Six but they played amazing matches against Germany, Argentina and Belgium. France took 1st place with 30 points in group D. They lost final game in the World League Group 2 Final Four against Australia in five sets. Look at players like: Antonin Rouzier, Jenia Grebennikov, Kevin Le Roux and Nicolas Marechal. Title of song: Derniere Danse - Indila 2975 views
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France national team
Tournament: World League 2014
Place: 10

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jagoda96 PL 4 years ago
My Boyfriend is the best movie maker
KamilTM PL 4 years ago
Who plays with #7?
przemek16 PL 4 years ago
@KamilTM: Kevin Tillie
zver PL 4 years ago
Przemek, in my opinion this is one of Your best videos

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przemek16 PL 4 years ago
@zver: thank you
brenobuzin159 BR 4 years ago
What a nice video! Well done man, I really enjoyed it. The way you put slow imagens with this song, great job. I'm gonna share it on my page, my followers need to watch it Hug!
DFingolfin PL 4 years ago
Song: Indila - Dernière Danse (or some kind of remix )


przemek16 Jarocin, Poland

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