France - Russia (short cut)

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Best actions of French national team in match against Russia. The Olympic Champion won against France after exciting game and got a plane ticket to Kopenhagen. Dmitriy Muserskiy had a significant contribution to the outcome of the game. He scored 18 points, including he had 60% in attack. In France Earvin N'Gapeth was the best player as usual. French wing-spiker scored 22 points. "We are sad because we wanted to fulfill our dream and play the semis. We tried to perform well especially in defense, but we did so only for one set. We nevertheless fought until the very last point of each set and I hope this game will be a valuable experience for my players. Hopefully next time we will be able to beat Russia" said France coach Laurent Tillie. "We knew that France with their young players was going to put up a real fight and we were ready for this. My primary goal was to break their defense system and we did so, thereby being able to play our game", said Andrey Voronkov (coach of Russia NT). Donate to volleyboxDonate to volleybox
Date: 25.09.2013
Place: "Ergo Arena", Gdańsk/Sopot (POL)
Match: France - Russia 1:3 (Play-off's, 1/4)
Kind of tournament: European Championships 2013


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