France - Slovakia (short cut)

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Exciting game against Slovakia brought France the first win during the European Championships. "Les Bleus” tipped the balance on the very tight sets number two and three. In their game with Slovakia France caught a very good start with their opposite Antonin Rouzier looking unstoppable. Even though Slovak head coach Stefan Chrtiansky tried to change the course of the game with a double substitution and bringing in Juraj Zatko and Milan Bencz, the set was already gone as France had piled up a six-point lead finishing it off at 25:20. Tomas Kmet set the pace for Slovakia in the second set as his side moved up 8:5, keeping control of the operations up to 15 all. The score stayed very close and Chrtiansky’s son Stefan jr. aced for the 22 all. Slovakia got up at 24:22 but missed out on a series of set balls until France showed great composure and very strong nerves to wrap it up at 35:33 for the 2:0. Slovakia played good Volleyball also in the third set while their opponents looked faulty. Still the “ Les Bleus” could fight their way back, drew level at 22 all and eventually closed it in straight sets with Kevin Le Roux blocking for the final 28:26. Volleyball players rankingVolleyball players ranking
Date: 20.09.2013
Place: "Erogo Arena", Gdańsk/Sopot (POL)
Match: France - Slovakia 3:0 (Group B, 1st match
Kind of tournament: European Championships 2013


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