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[14 Sept]

Czech Republic once against pull of an important win against one of the best European teams in the tournament France to succeed into the next round of the European championship where they will face Slovenia again, which they pre... Show more

2 months ago 1 937 231
John Suen2 months ago 231 1

[7 Sept]

Day 6 of European Championship, more teams have qualified into the final round of the games. Team Serbia, Italy and France won 3 games after day 6 and lock their chances of qualifying into the Round of 16. The match to watch yest... Show more

2021-09-07 0 1873 266 2 mins read
John Suen2 months ago 266 0

[August 30]

Bernardo Rezende unveiled the 14 men roster. Four new members join the team, including Faure, Diez and Gueye rejoining the team from VNL and Rebeyrol, first senior task for him. The rest of the team are returning Olympians.

Ros... Show more

2021-08-30 4 1215 529 1 min read
John Suen3 months ago 529 4

[August 21]

Equipes de France de Volley-Ball just announced their upcoming roster in preparation for EuroVolley 2021. 

After the successful 2020 Tokyo Olympics campaign, Bernado Renzede, the new head coach of French volleyball, called 18 p... Show more

2021-08-21 1 1432 707 1 min read
John Suen3 months ago 707 1

(Edited 20/08/2021)

After the conclusion of Tokyo Olympics, I have settle down a bit to think about what happened in the Olympics. Tokyo Olympics is definitely one of the most interesting and surprising Olympics to a lot of people, with m... Show more

3 months ago 0 2156 544
John Suen3 months ago 544 0

After a hard fought in the Ariake Aerna in Tokyo, France beat ROC in five to take home their first ever gold in Olympics.

France took the first two set and then ROC came back an took the third and fourth set after changing their setter fr... Show more

2021-08-08 17 1544 846 2 mins read
John Suen3 months ago 846 17

(18 June 2021) 

French volleyball federation has just announced the official 12 man roster for France men volleyball team to Tokyo Olympics. 6 of the 12 man returned from Rio Olympics, including,  Jenia Grebennikov, Benjamin Toniutti, Kev... Show more

2021-06-18 5 3882 1867 1 min read
John Suen5 months ago 1867 5

(17 June 2021) 

According to French volleyball federation (FFVB), Lyneel will leave VNL and not participate in Tokyo Olympics. Lyneel and the coaching staff along with head coach Laurent Tillie, he will not be participating VNL and Olympi... Show more

2021-06-17 9 1316 623 1 min read
John Suen5 months ago 623 9

Today @slintyen finished his incredible 6-days run and now Volleybox in French language is available ??. He translated almost 14000 words. Also @Sherlock helped us with that enormous job by translating ~1500 words. @Tonton_Bastos also ma... Show more

2021-05-29 3 1416 837 2 mins read
Volleybox6 months ago 837 3

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the Europea... Show more

2021-05-19 9 5795 2919
John Suen6 months ago 2919 9

The team will be a good mix between experienced players and young guns, with at least one or two young men who never played in French national team at each post. Note the return of Stephen Boyer after his troubles with N'Gapeth. Here is ... Show more

2021-04-28 21 4059 2374 1 min read
Sherlock7 months ago 2374 21
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